Vying for the world’s number one spot as a smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has finally achieved its goal after it surpassed Samsung’s record last month.

The company initially declared its goal of becoming the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2016, directly competing against leading companies, Apple and Samsung. Huawei managed to topple Apple for the record back in 2018.

The feat did come as a big surprise considering the recent debacle it had with the United States and in light of falling sales across Europe. But if data is to be heeded as factual, Counterpoint Research claims that Huawei is at first place by covering 21.4% share of the worldwide market.


As it appears, Huawei’s success is fueled by its strong presence in China which partly saw market recovery by around April. Samsung, on the other hand, suffered major loss of sales given the lockdown imposed in both India and Europe—two of its largest market.

As of April’s record, Samsung has 19.1% of the global market, which falls by 29% of the demand since March. This also meant that, compared to previous Samsung flagship lineups, the Galaxy S20 garnered poorer sales.

Via: Android Authority

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