Ever since its launch in 2017, in response to Sony’s years-long dominance with the PlayStation Plus, Microsoft’s Xbox and PC Game Pass has been a source of excitement among Xbox owners. With monthly additions of games to its library, updates, perks, and quests to experience, subscribers get value for the money they spend with the monthly subscription.

Continuing the tradition in 2023, the Xbox monthly subscription is once again revealing its surprises for September.

New Games

The hype around the development of Starfield has been long and hard, especially among Bethesda fans. But Xbox Game Pass subscribers are entitled to play the game on day one (September 6). In Starfield, players take on the role of an adventurer set in the expansive world of space that is replete with mysteries and wonder.


Another game to join the library of Xbox Game Pass is Lies of P on September 19. Best described as Dark Souls with a Pinocchio twist, this game is a hardcore action RPG, with skills and weapons customization as the highlights. To add something new, the game also features an interactive system where the player can choose to either lie or tell the truth, but not without the consequences of each choice.

Then, there is also Gris, which is a platformer title, known for its artistic and emotional designs. The game revolves around a young girl going through the trauma of life.

Other games to also become available on the Xbox Game Pass soon include Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition, Call of the Wild: The Angler, and Humankind.

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Some games in the Xbox Game Pass are also set to receive an update and are as follows:

  • No Man’s Sky Echoes
  • Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island, The Quest for Guybrush
  • Minecraft Realms Plus Subscription


In addition to the aforementioned, September 2023 will also be remembered by Xbox Game Pass owners for its perks:

  • Minecraft Realms Plus Subscription
  • Xbox Game Pass Quests

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