Outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a new Executive Order that wants government agencies to adopt digital payments for their respective disbursements and collection.

The Executive Order 170 wants all government agencies, departments, instrumentalities of the government, state universities and colleges, and corporations owned or controlled by the state, to adopt digital payments to their respective collections and disbursements.

This new rule also applies to local government units.

The order also stipulates that all agencies and entities to use “safe and efficient” digital disbursement in the payment of services, goods, and others, including the distribution of wages, payment of salaries, financial assistance, allowances, and other compensation to employees.


This EO also wants to disburse the money directly to the accounts of the recipients or beneficiaries.

The participating agencies are also ordered to adopt a business continuity plan to help prepare for calamities and other national emergencies where digital payments may not be affected.

Agencies are also ordered to offer a digital option for collecting payments for tolls, fees, taxes, and other charges and impositions. But, this doesn’t mean that agencies will no longer accept cash and other traditional modes of payment.

The technical working group behind the adoption of digital payments is tasked to provide “guidance and promote cost-efficiency and transparency.”

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