Need a computer for remote work, school? GSIS can help you out


The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has introduced a new loan program that will help its members acquire computer units for remote working or learning.

With the GSIS Computer Loan, members can loan Php30,000 to use for the purchase of a desktop computer or laptop.

As per Igmido Pomay Jr., Branch Manager of GSIS Dumaguete, the load is payable for three years with a 6% per annum interest. It has a monthly amortization of Php983.33.


Pomay said that the GSIS Computer Loan was launched to help its work-from-home pensioners and their children who are online learning.

So, what are the qualifications to get a GSIS Computer Loan? As per the agency, you can apply for a loan if:

  • you’re a member who have paid at least three months of premiums
  • not on leave of absence without pay
  • have a permanent appointment
  • have no arrears under the GSIS financial loan
  • have no pending administrative or criminal case
  • have no past due GSIS loan except housing loan
  • and are not under suspended agencies

Those who are interested in applying for a GSIS Computer Loan can do either of the following:

  • Apply over the counter at GSIS offices
  • through GSIS drop boxes at their offices
  • via eGSISMO
  • emaling the handling branch
  • via GSIS Wireless Processing System (GWAPS) kiosks
  • via GSIS Touch

Via: Manila Bulletin

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