SKY Fiber has an ongoing promo that lasts until January 31, 2022, offering free speed boosts for select plans under its Unli Broadband and Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV subscriptions.

For Sky Fiber Unli Broadband, subscribers under Plan 1999 are now entitled to download speeds (as well as upload speeds, depending on the type of fiber connection) of up to 150Mbps. For Plan 2499, the maximum speed has been bumped to 200Mbps. Subscribers under Plan 2999 of Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV will also enjoy up to 200Mbps.



Unli Broadband Plan 1999 previously offered up to 80Mbps, a speed boost itself since March 2021 that Sky rolled out for free. Plan 2499 was only up to 120Mbps at the time.

The other broadband plans remain unchanged in terms of maximum download and upload speeds. However, for the duration of the promo, most of the plans will also come with free installation.

Applicants need only provide valid proof of billing, as well as enter the promo code FREEINSTALL when they apply online. Without valid proof of billing, applicants can still enjoy a 50-percent discount on the installation fee.

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  1. Sky’s issue is that they seem maxed at 200 down and 20 up. Compared to other options if you factor out cable television features, they’re losing. Additionally, they have frequent long unplanned outages, no real tech support, and have pretty harsh data caps on usage. Currently, there’s an upfront investment, but a Smart Rocket 5G with 799php? per month truly unli and can easily do 300 down and 75 up. Additionally Smart/PLDT has better peering than Sky. This has been a serious issue in online games. And PLDT has announced limited 10GBE availability.