The Philippine government will launch an online portal to make national ID registration easier for Filipinos.

As per the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), about 10.6 million Filipinos from 32 provinces were listed last year, while 17.4 million were added in the first quarter. That’s a total of 28 million already pre-registered for the national ID system.

That was made possible due to door-to-door collection of information in low-income households. Albeit, this is only the first step.


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The government aims to register 70 million Filipinos before 2021 ends. To achieve this, the PSA will be launching the national ID registration online portal by May.

Those who will register online can proceed to step 2, a physical per appointment process. It is the validation of the supporting documents and capturing biometrics like iris scans, fingerprints, and facial photographs.

As for the printing of national IDs, PSA assistant secretary Rosalinda Bautista said that there are more than 4 million ready for card production and processing. The agency said that they aim to produce around 100,000 cards per day starting this May.

Via: CNN

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