The Philippine government has signed a substantial partnership worth USD400 million (~Php22.2 billion) to help improve internet services in far-flung and remote areas in the country and generate jobs.

During the agreement signing, President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., said that the deal will help “bridge our digital divide and foster our digital transformation.”

The agreement was done with Astranis and Orbits, which will help the Philippines to obtain its MicroGEO satellites, which can send internet to hard-to-reach areas, free from the geographical limitations brought by traditional fiber lines.


According to Press Secretary Cheloy Garafil, the initial two satellites will be delivered to the Philippines and are expected to generate USD400 million in investment over the next eight years.

The first satellite will be named “Agila” to help “foster the spirit of technological advancements and strengthening international partnerships,” said Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez.

But the best part is, that the project is expected to benefit around 10 million Filipinos in 30,000 barangay, which will then help generate around 10,000 direct and indirect jobs.

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