To encourage Filipinos to sign up with the Philippine Identification System (Philsys), the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) put up 219 more registration in 21 provinces across the country.

According to the PSA, there’s now a total of 235 PhilSys registration centers nationwide. That’s 219 more than the 16 initial online registration hubs in 13 provinces when it launched back in May.

The PSA also announced that they plan to put up more PhilSys registration centers for online appointment booking in the coming weeks.


After booking an appointment using the PhilSys registration website, Filipinos from the supported cities and municipalities will be able to accomplish the Step 2 registration as they may now schedule a visit on any registration hubs. Validation of certain details and demographic data, as well as biometric information, will be done on-site.

Registration to PhilSys, the Philippines’ National ID system, is FREE. Once the ID is ready, it will be delivered straight to the registrant’s doorstep free of charge.

The PSA’s goal is to register 50 up to 70 million Filipinos by the end of 2021. For the full list of provinces, cities, and municipalities open for PhilSys online booking appointment, click here.

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