Realme’s TechLife line will offer smart AIoT products outside the traditional tech category. One of the first products to come from this brand is the Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum.

The Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is a 2-in-1 product that also doubles as a mop. It has a LiDAR Smart Mapping and navigation system with 38 high-precision sensors to clean an area by itself.


Users can also optimize the cleaning system so it knows the right amount of water level and suction power to use when cleaning places like a bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Further customization control is also present. You can schedule cleaning times, set a virtual wall, pick a no-mopping zone, and designate specific areas that need cleaning.


The Realme robot vacuum has a 3000Pa machine for 4 levels of suction strength. Plus, it works quietly at 55dB. It has one dense rolling brush, two side brushes, and three laters of filters for vacuuming.

It should operate longer, too. It comes with 300-minute of continuous cleaning with its 5,200mAh battery, 600ml dust bin, and 300ml water tank. It always goes back to its dock for auto recharging. Plus, it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


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The Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is now up for pre-sale for a price of EUR299 (around Php17,400).

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