Don’t have the cash to top up your Beep card? You can use the microlending Lendpinoy app that offers you a loan of up to Php500 as credit to your reloadable smart card.

Officially called the Beep Pamasahe Loan, Lendpinoy says this fare loan product is their service to Filipino commuters. The product also encourages the use of cashless transactions, which is particularly timely as the Philippine government is heavily promoting the shift to digital payments.

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Available in 14, 21, or 30-day payment terms, the Beep Pamasahe Loan does not have processing fees. The only catch is the daily Php3.00 interest. To apply for the loan, users need only accomplish the know-your-customer procedure that’s similar to the identity verification process in GCash and PayMaya.

After verification and approval of the loan, users will then simply tap their Beep card at the terminal beep readers to check if the loan has appeared as card credit.

If the loan has been credited, the Beep card can now be used at supported transit systems, including Manila’s LRT Lines 1 and 2, MRT Line 3, and select modernized jeepneys.

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