With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to trouble the country, many of us have done many changes to our routine to adapt to this new normal. As we look for new ways to better navigate a post-COVID world, one more change that we recommend is to start going cashless today. 

Pandemic or no pandemic, cashless living is something that people should start considering applying in their own routines. We believe that there is no better time to go cashless than right now, and we present to you 7 reasons why. 

Go contactless when going out. 

Amid this ongoing pandemic, social distancing and frequent sanitizing remain crucial to protect ourselves from the virus. And while the coronavirus has not been proven to be transmitted through cash, it is known that paper bills and coins are a breeding ground for various other germs and bacteria. 

Going cashless when going out will eliminate the middleman of dirty cash for a safer, cleaner, and contactless experience. 

Get rid of the bulky wallet. 

As more and more establishments start going cashless, our wallets also start looking thinner as we no longer need to bring wads of paper cash whenever we go out. Your money can remain digital through your cards or your digital wallet. 

Going cashless also means more security for your money. Digital cash is harder to steal and can be retrieved, in contrast to physical money in a bulky wallet which when stolen is often gone forever. 

Forget the lines and waiting times. 

Gone are the times when half of your day is lost just from waiting in line to pay for utility bills and postpaid plans. By going cashless, paying bills only takes a few taps on your phone, at the convenience of paying anywhere, anytime. 

The same goes for bank transfers and sending money to your loved ones. You no longer need to line up at the bank or remittance center to transfer cash, as these can all be done through your digital wallets. 


Pay seamlessly online. 

Online shopping is all the rage these days, and going cashless means faster and securer transactions when buying online. Going cashless with shopping platforms like Shopee and Lazada makes your shopping experience more streamlined and hassle-free. 

Pay faster in-store. 

With just your smartphone, you can spend your shopping or errand days more smartly as you go cashless during your purchases. No more fumbling for the wallet, or looking for the exact amount, or worrying about being shortchanged. Paying with your e-wallet is often instant and automatic, and it takes much faster than paying with physical cash. 

Track and control your spending.

It’s easy to go ham on your wallet when you’re out and about, and it’s difficult to keep track of all the purchases you’ve made on the day. By going cashless, a record of your purchases is automatically made and readily available, making your money easier to track and manage. 

Enjoy multiple functions, all in one app. 

When you get a digital wallet like GCash or PayMaya, you really get more than just a wallet. You get a money transfer service, a savings account, an investment scheme, a credit line, among many others. And all of these services are conveniently found in just one app, making it so easy to take charge of what you do with your money. 

There really is no better time to go cashless than today. In a time when security and convenience are of utmost importance for every user, going cashless with digital wallets change the landscape of how easy it is to manage your own money just with a few taps on your phone. Make sure to stay ahead of the times and join the cashless revolution today.

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