Are you processing documents for a new job? Here’s one you might haven’t gotten yet: Police clearance.

That said, here’s a complete guide on how you can get a Police Clearance Online in the Philippines. Unlike the traditional method, you can get this special document much easier. In fact, about half of the process can now be done at the convenience and safety of your home.

What is police clearance?

As the name suggests, having a police clearance proves that the holder doesn’t have any criminal or derogatory record on the PNP database. That said, this has been one of the main requirements of employers before they fire an applicant.

What’s more, a police clearance can also be used as a valid ID in select legal transactions like if you’re applying for NBI clearance, national ID, and credit cards.

What agency can I get police clearance?

The police clearance is being issued by the Philippine National Police (PNP). They use a centralized system called the National Police Clearance System (NPCS). It combines all the data from towns and city precincts for a unified database, allowing them to easily check if someone has a police record.

Police clearance vs NBI clearance, are they different?

While the PNP and NBI hope to unify the clearances in the future, they will be separate for now. Essentially, since they’re from two different departments, they differ in the intensity of each “Hit” on their respective records and how they are handled.

The bottom line is, the two are different. You get them from different sources, and you can’t submit a police clearance if you’re asked for an NBI clearance (and vice versa) unless specifically permitted.

What are the requirements to get police clearance?

The PNP only requires two valid IDs for as long as they are not expired, original copies (not photocopied), and has your full name, signature, and photo.

But if you only have one valid ID, you can present a certified true copy of your birth certificate, complete with an original receipt. You can get it through the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

What IDs are accepted for police clearance?

  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • IBP ID
  • PNP ID
  • OFW ID
  • PhilHealth ID
  • PRC ID
  • Postal ID
  • Senior citizen ID
  • School ID with registration form
  • TIN ID
  • Voter’s ID

How much is the police clearance fee?

The police clearance cost is Php150. There’s an additional Php10 to Php30 convenience fee depending on the mode of payment you choose.

How to get police clearance online?

Step 1: Visit the https://pnpclearance.ph and click “Register”.


Step 2: Tick all the checkboxes and click “Next” until you reach the last page, click “I Agree”.


Step 3: Fill up the form with your email, name, last name, etc. Click “Register”.


Step 4: In the “Do you want to save it?” Click “Yes”.


Step 5: You’d be asked to sign in to your account. Type in the email and password you enrolled earlier and click “Sign-in”.


Step 6: Click “Edit Profile”.


Step 7: Fill up the form that asks for more detailed information about you. That includes addresses, mother’s and father’s names, and more. Make sure that everything you input is correct as they will all be part of the printed police clearance and cannot be edited. Once you’re sure about everything, click “Save Profile”.


Step 8: Once you’re back on the profile page, click “Clearance Application”.


Step 9: Select the “Purpose” and the “Police Station” you want to physically visit to complete the application.


Step 10: Scroll down and choose from the available dates and times. The slots available per schedule are also listed so you’re aware. Once chosen click “Next”.


Step 11: Only “LandBank of the Phils.” is currently available as a mode of payment. Click that, and you’d be presented with the total fee, which is only Php150. The fee will be waived if you chose the “First Time Job Seeker” early on. Click “Next”.


Step 12: You’d be presented with a summary of your transaction. It’s better to take a screenshot of the entire thing, especially the reference number. From there, you can “Click here to Pay” where you’d be redirected to the LandBank’s Payment portal. If you don’t have a LandBank account, there are other modes of payment available, which we’ll discuss later.


Step 13: Prepare your official receipt, two valid IDs, and reference number and head to your chosen precinct on the chosen schedule for biometrics and photo capture. Since the PNP uses a unified database, the process of checking if you have a record should be fast and you should have your police clearance in minutes.

How to pay for police clearance fee using GCash

The LandBank ePayment portal will handle your payment. Under this service, you’d be given three payment options: LBP ATM, BancNet cards, and GCash. Whatever you chose, you will land on their respective web pages. From there, simply type in your account number and proceed with the checkout.

How to pay for police clearance fee on 7-Eleven

Step 1: Choose Cash Payment in the LandBang ePayment portal.

Step 2: Go to a 7-Eleven branch and proceed to the Cliqq Kiosk. You can also do this by downloading the Cliqq App available on both Android and iOS devices.

Step 3: Go to Government > MYEGPH.

Step 4: Type your reference number, mobile number, and amount. The total amount you should input is Php180 (Php150 clearance fee + Php30 convenience fee). Tap “Confirm”.

Step 5: Print the receipt if you’re in the kiosk, take a screenshot if you’re using the app. Present the barcode to the 7-Eleven cashier, make the payment, and keep the receipt as proof of payment.


How to get free police clearance?

Thanks to the First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act, fresh graduates can get a police clearance for free. However, you have to obtain a barangay certificate proving that you’re indeed a first-time job hunter. Head to your local barangay hall for more details.

What happends if there’s a hit in my police clearance?

Wait for the instructions of the verification officer for the verification process. Once clear, you shall get your clearance.

Can I pay for the police clearance fee in the precinct?

No, over-the-counter payments on the police precinct/station itself are prohibited.

How to verify my police clearance?

Step 1: Visit the https://pnpclearance.ph. On the top right corner, click “Verify Clearance”.


Step 2: Type your Surname, Clearance Number, pass the CAPTCHA, and click “Verify”.


How long is the police clearance validity?

Police clearance is valid for up to six months. Once it expires, you have to apply for a new one.

How can I renew my police clearance?

Technically, you can’t. What you can do is request for a new one by repeating the process above. Bear in mind that if you got your first one for free under the first-time job-seeker act, you now have to pay for the second one and the succeeding clearance requests.

How to edit personal data on my police clearance?

As stated before, the details you’ve put on your police clearance can’t be changed. What you can do is apply for a new one by repeating the process.

Well, that’s it. Hopefully, this guide helped you out in getting a police clearance online. We’d be updating this article once PNP brings changes to its online police clearance processing.

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