93% of public schools received devices for online learning — DepEd


The new normal, caused by the pandemic, have pushed the educational system to implement blending learning for the next school year.

As you already know, the majority of private and public schools will resort to online learning for the academic year 2020 to 2021. This will help students to continue school while staying safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To aide to this new normal, the Department of Education (DepEd) has rolled out devices to 93 percent of the public school in the Philippines.

Abram Abanil, DepEd director for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service, have shared the figures.

A total of 1,042,575 IT products, which consist of laptops, computers, and tablets, have been distributed to 43,948 public schools across the country. These communication devices will help students to participate in online classes.

Abanil added that they are set to release another 211,344 devices by the end of December 2020. These products were delayed due to the COVID-19.


DepEd also made sure that the systems deployed are “naka-zero rate sa telcos” so students can use them without prepaid load needed.

As for the teachers, DepEd claims that they already trained 385,471 teachers so they can cope up with internet-based teaching methods. That’s about 45 percent of the teachers across the country.

In an attempt to reach people who don’t have internet access, Abanil added that they have made a 1.5-hour video lecture teaching students on how to use the learning management system that they broadcasted on TV last August 11.

They are also developing an orientation program for both the students and the parents, using TV as a medium, to teach them how to use the learning management system.

Via: Inquirer


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