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Sen. Gatchalian wants to put an end to prepaid internet and cellphone load expiration dates


Philippine Senator Sherwin Gatchalian urges its colleagues in the senate to start discussing Senate Bill No. 365, which seeks to end the expiry dates for prepaid internet and cellphone load.

Once passed, Senate Bill No. 365, or the Prepaid Load Forever Act, will prevent public telecommunications entities (PTEs) and information and communication technology (ICT) providers from imposing expiration dates on the validity period prepaid load credits.

Sen. Gatchalian, who filed the bill, argued that such a policy is unnecessary since subscribers should consume the load credits and services they have paid for.

Having the bill tackled as soon as possible is really important, especially in this latest era that we’re in. Sen. Gatchalian said that most Filipinos now rely on internet services more than ever. And for those who have limited resources, every peso counts.

Sen. Gatchalian also said that the expiration period policy is anti-consumer.

The Senate bill covers prepaid cards and electronic loads for voice calls, texts or short messaging system (SMS), mobile data, value-added services (VAS), and those load credits put to devices like tablets, WiFi dongles, and mobile hotspots that are meant for internet usage.


The bill seeks to fine violators with Php100,000 up to Php2 million and imprisonment of two to six years. Businesses that will violate the rule may also face immediate revocation of their business license.


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