QR codes have been one of the simplest yet most useful inventions of the tech world. It’s being used in a variety of industries, including payment systems and banks. It’s quick to make and easy to use, which makes it a perfect fit for many real-world applications.

With BPI QR code, you can easily send or receive payments, make convenient and real-time transfers, plus, have a certain level of customizability.



Once you have a QR code, you can easily send that image to your customer or have it displayed on your storefront so they can easily transfer their payment.

Now the question is, how can you create a BPI QR code? Check out our step-by-step guide below to find out.

How to generate BPI account QR code

Step 1: Open and log in to your BPI Mobile app.


Step 2: Press the menu icon on the top left.


Step 3: Tap “Other Services”.


Step 4: Tap “QR Generator”.


Step 5: Choose the enrolled BPI account you want to receive the money to. You can also input the customizable nickname, albeit it should only have around 10 characters.

Fill up the “Transfer Amount” if there’s a specific amount you need to receive or leave it blank otherwise. Once complete, tap “Generate”.


Step 6: There goes your code. You can tap “Save to Device” to download the PNG image file to your smartphone.


Will the BPI QR Code work on other banks or app?

No. The BPI QR Code will only work on BPI online and mobile banking facilities, and will not work on third-party scanners or readers. This ensures that your account information will stay safe and secure.

Does BPI QR code expire?

There’s no official word if BPI QR codes expire. If it does, then the money transfer will just fail, so the money is still safe.

Is there a transfer limit on BPI QR code?

According to BPI, there’s no limit when you transfer to your own and enrolled accounts. However, for unenrolled accounts, the source account can transfer a maximum of Php50,000 per day.

How much is the BPI QR code transfer fee?

Php0.00. Since BPI QR codes only work with BPI services, doing a BPI to BPI transfer is completely free.

That’s it. Leave a comment below if you have further questions and one from us or from the community will be happy to help you out.

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