Are you planning to register your dog to the PCCI? Here’s how you can register dogs in the Philippines.

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to register your pet dog to the PCCI. We’ll be detailing some of them here, plus, how you can get a registration, the requirements, and how much it costs.

What does PCCI means?

The PCCI stands for the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. It’s a non-profit and service-oriented corporation that aims to promote and encourage the wellness of pure-bred dogs in the country. They also facilitate the official registration and other documentation of dog breeding in the country.

Why do I have to register to the PCCI?

Registering your dog to the PCCI helps with purebred dog development. According to its website, it also ensures that the dog breeders’ efforts to keep their dog breeds pure is being continuously documented. It also records how particular dogs and breeding lines are produced.

How to register to become a PCCI member?

Step 1: Acquire the Membership Card application form. You can get it from the PCCI website or by visiting the PCCI office.

Step 2: Fill up the form and attach a photocopy of an ID and two copies of your 1×1 ID picture.

Step 3: Bring the requirements to the PCCI office. You should also bring money for the membership fee worth Php336, admission fee worth Php392, and PCCI plastic ID card fee worth Php44.80. That’s a total of Php772.80.

You can also send the form via logistics courier (i.e LBC) and send the payments via the PCCI bank accounts (see payment options below).

What’s the PCCI address?

The Philippine Canine Club, Inc. is located in Rm. 206 Hillcrest Condominium, 166 E.Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue corner Hillcrest Street Cubao, Quezon City.

PCCI payment options

  • Cash
  • Postal Money Order
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card

For U.S. Dollar Account:
Account Number: 112352000168
Name of Bank: CHINABANK
Branch: 1123 E. RODRIGUEZ SR. BLVD.
Swift Code: CHBK PHMM

For PESO Account:
Account Number: 3660068858
Branch: E. Rodriguez

Account Number: 223-1801186
Branch: E. Rodriguez

How to process Kennel Application from PCCI

Step 1: Make sure you have the requirements: PCCI membership (see above if you don’t have one) and the kennel affix registration fee of Php840 (valid for 5 years). There’s also an FCI Kennel Reregistration worth Php1,000 (lifetime validity).

Step 2: Download and fill up the Kennel Affix Application form from the PCCI website or visit their office.

Step 3: Submit the form to the PCCI office personally or via courier (see payment options above).

Step 4: Upon completion, the Kennel Name Registration Certificate will be sent to the applicant. As said earlier, it has a five-year validity, after which will have to be renewed again.

How to process Litter Registration from the PCCI

Step 1: Download and fill up the Litter Application form from the PCCI website or visit their office (see address above).

Step 2: Pick the names of the puppies. There are conditions you have to follow when coming up with a name (see below).

Step 3: Submit the application form and pay for the litter registration fee that costs Php560 and per puppy registration fee of Php414. You can accomplish this step on the PCCI office or have the form sent via courier (see payment options above).

Naming requirements for Litter Registration

  • Names should not have more than 27 letters and spaces including the kennel affix of the breeder.
  • All of the puppies’ names must start with same letter.
  • Numbers are not allowed.
  • Obscene names are not allowed.
  • A name that’s already registered within the same variety or breed cannot be reused.
  • Alteration is not allowed once the name has been submitted and registered.

How to process Transfer of Ownership from PCCI

Step 1: Fill out the transfer of ownership on the back of the Pedigree Certificate. It requires the date of transfer, name, and address of the new owner, a signature of the former registered owner, and a signature of the new owner.

Step 2: Prepare the transfer of ownership fee worth Php560.

Well, that’s it. Here are some of the basics on how you can register your bitch/dam dogs and puppies to the PCCI.

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  1. our puppies will be two months old on december 7.. when can we apply for their registration? thanks!