Times are tough, gas prices are high, and everything is expensive. As much as possible, you want services that are either cheap or free. Thankfully, mobile money transfers from BPI to GCash are free.

With millions of active users and account holders, there’s no denying that GCash and BPI are some of the busiest and most used mobile financial services in the Philippines.

Chances are, you are one of the many who use both services. One acts as a payroll account, while the other is mostly used for money transfers and bills payment.


Whatever you used them for, there’s one thing we’re sure about: you constantly transfer funds between them. Problem is, sending money from different services comes with pesky transaction fees.


In a world where everything is expensive, we’ll show you how you can transfer funds from BPI to GCash for free. Let’s begin.

Bear in mind that there are two ways you can transfer money from BPI to GCash. First, you can start the process from the BPI Mobile app, secondly, you can transfer funds via the GCash app directly. Both methods are free and we’ll show them to you.

How to transfer money from BPI to GCash via the BPI Mobile app

Step 1: Open the new BPI app and tap Pay/Load at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2: Tap E-wallet.


Step 3: Tap Load From and choose the BPI account you want to make the transfer from.


Step 4: Tap Load To, choose GCash, then type the GCash number.


Step 5: Type the amount. You can also add a note if you want to. Tap continue.


Step 6: Check that everything is correct and tap Confirm. You shall receive a notification via SMS or email that the transaction was successful.

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UPDATE 10/05/23: Starting October 2, GCash cash-in from linked BPI accounts will have a fixed convenience fee of Php5.00.

How to transfer money from BPI to GCash via the GCash app

How to enroll BPI account to GCash

Step 1: First things first, you have to link your BPI account to your GCash. To do so, open your GCash app and tap “Cash In.”


Step 2: Tap “BPI” in the bank section.


Step 3: Tap Enroll Now.


Step 4: Sign in to your BPI Mobile account using your username and password.


Step 5: You shall get a confirmation that your BPI registration has been successful.


How to transfer funds from BPI to GCash

Step 1: Open your GCash app. From the dashboard tap “Cash In.”


Step 2: Tap “BPI” under the My Linked Account section.


Step 3: Key in your desired amount.


Step 4: Tap “Confirm.”


Step 5: Tap “Send Code.”


Step 6: Type the one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile number. Tap Submit on the top right corner and you’re done.


This is the step-by-step guide on how you can transfer money from BPI to GCash.

Bear in mind that transferring funds from GCash to BPI will still come with a transaction fee. Hopefully, in the future, both companies decide to make that free (or cheaper) as well.

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