Amazon is set to compete with Starlink after it was given a go signal by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to launch 3,236 satellites into orbit.

The upcoming broadband service is currently called Project Kuiper. Despite the opposition from SpaceX’s Starlink, the FCC International Bureau has approved the satellite debris mitigation plan of the Amazon project.


Apparently, SpaceX wanted the FCC to limit 578 the initial satellites that their rival could launch.

SpaceX argued that limiting the number of satellites would help address the Kuiper constellation’s ability to co-exist with other satellite systems that are already orbiting above the Earth.

“Granting an initial 578 satellites of Amazon’s 3,236-satellite system would offer Amazon a path to begin deploying for ‘many months,’ while providing the Commission with time and additional data to assess the serious issues raised in this proceeding,” SpaceX said in its complaint.

However, the FCC said that limiting the launch was unnecessary as the conditions part of the approval have already addressed the co-existence issues.

“While SpaceX expresses concern over Kuiper’s ability to co-exist with other systems at certain altitudes, similar to Viasat, it does not specify a particular risk presented by the deployment of an identified planned system,” the FCC answered.

Via: Engadget

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