Do you plan on getting Starlink internet for your home? Well, you may have to wait until late 2024.

Jana Ang, head of sales and marketing of Data Lake Inc., Starlink‘s integrator in the Philippines, said that Starlink’s home subscription will not be available until late 2024 to early 2025.


She clarified that the initial announcement of a Q1 2023 rollout was only for enterprise customers with about 10,000 units allocated for the Philippines.

As per Ang, the delay is due to the shortage of chips, which is a key component of Starlink’s services as it’s being used for their satellite dishes.

Chip shortages have been a big issue in the past few months with industries like automotive and consumer electronics can’t push products out because of this one key component.

The said enterprise kit has an upfront cost of Php201,600 with a subscription fee of as low as Php28,000 per month. What’s interesting is, it doesn’t have a lock-in period, unlike the traditional fiber internet services in the country.

During a demonstration in rural banks in the country, Data Lake reported strong interest from enterprise clients. For one, Starlink’s satellite internet services were able to improve the operations of an ATM in a remote location, which was usually offline due to connectivity issues.

Starlink is still waiting to receive certifications from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). The agency is already working hard to fast-track the internet provider’s entry into the Philippines.


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