Remember mixtapes, a compilation of songs you dedicate to a special someone? Well, it’s sort of making a comeback thanks to Spotify Playlists.

Filipinos love music, and we love “Love” itself. This is why Spotify revealed that there are about 4 million love-related playlists in the Philippines. That’s the most in the Southeast Asian region. What’s more, love-related podcasts also flourished in the country.


The Spotify report also revealed a couple of interesting facts. For one, it’s said that 70% of Filipinos use song lyrics to help cope and identify the things they are going through.

Spotify said that the most shared lyrics on social media are from the songs Leaves by Ben&Ben, Give Me Your Forever by Zack Tabudlo, Bulong by December Avenue, and Come Inside of My Heart by IV of Spades.

The streaming platform also revealed that Filipinos listen to Moira deal Torre, Sarah Geronimo, and Yeng Constantino if they need comfort.

Filipinos are also gaining interest in Filipino podcasts like Dear MOR, Barangay Love Stories, The Comfort Room, and more.

With all the data gathered, Spotify decided to create the Pag-Ibig Hub, which is a collection of love-related playlists and podcasts.

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