There’s no denying that the PC Gaming market is at full bloom. We have tons of gaming-related products from laptops, peripherals, and everything in between. Now, the trend has officially entered the ISP industry.

Converge FiberX gaming package has been launched. The new internet plan aims to lure in existing and upcoming Converge FiberX subscribers to make their gaming experience more seamless by having a reliable internet connection.

The new gaming package will be identical from the standard FiberX plans. It will come in three different speeds and rates. There’s the FiberX 3500 with up to 100Mbps speeds, FiberXtreme 4500 with up to 300Mbps speeds, and FiberXtreme 7000 for up to 500Mbps.

What makes this offer special is that it comes with a spectacular router. The new Converge FiberX gaming bundles will come with an ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 gaming router.
ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

Other than its aggressive gamer look, the router comes with tons of features that will bring out the full potential of your internet subscription. For starters, it has 8 built-in antennas for better and reliable coverage. It also looks like a spider when turned upside down.

Moreover, there’s the triple-level game acceleration to optimize the internet speeds, which delivers the best possible performance when gaming.

Converge is yet to give us the full details on their FiberX gaming package. They are expected to spill out more details this month.

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