Users who want fixed broadband internet services from DITO Telecommunity will have to wait until next year, which the company has targeted as its launch period.

Currently, DITO is still focused on improving and expanding its mobile services this year. In an interview with BusinessWorld Live, DITO chief administrative officer Adel Tamano believes global health issue won’t remain as a persisting issue and people will eventually return to school and the workplace. She then expects demand for mobile services to increase, hence their focus on mobile.

That doesn’t mean DITO is ignoring the opportunity it has in the broadband market. Tamano says the company is already at a user testing phase to be on track with the planned commercial rollout, estimated to be sometime early next year.

For its efforts, DITO Telecommunity is aiming for a 30-percent market share in the long run. The company has already spent Php150 billion out of its Php250 billion capital expenditure since it began operations. Tamano says that over the coming years, the company will invest at least Php25 billion annually.

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