Many times, Apple would turn heads every time it releases a new iPhone. This year is different, though, if a certain survey is to be believed. The results claim that only 18 percent of Android users might consider switching to the upcoming iPhone

Based on a sample of 5,000 respondents surveyed in the US, there are around four for every five users that will likely remain loyal to Android. That figure, according to SellCell, is actually down 14.8 percent from last year, when about 33 percent of Android users considered using the iPhone 12 as their main driver. 


As for the reason why Android users are put off by the iPhone 13, aside from superstitious fear of the number 13, the respondents cited the lack of TouchID as a major deal-breaker. There’s also the ongoing concern about Apple’s plan to use a controversial and intrusive photo scanning feature to check for cases of child abuse. 

A significant number of respondents also pointed out that iOS provides relatively fewer customization options. They also think Android phones are superior to iPhones in terms of hardware. 

The 18 percent who expressed interest in switching, meanwhile, said that their most likely choice would be the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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