Nokia sets 4.7Gbps 5G speed world record


Nokia has successfully broken a record as being the fastest in 5G, surpassing a feat held by Ericsson just a few months back.

Just last February, Ericsson announced its world record feat by attaining an over-the-air speed of 4.3 Gb/s. However, Nokia broke the record after reaching a speed of 4.7 Gb/s, exceeding the record by 0.4 Gb/s, during an OTA test conducted at Dallas, Texas.

The Finnish company attained the feat by employing eight 100 MHz channels of millimeter wavelength on two varying bands, 28GHz and 39GHz. The method subsequently produces an 800 MHz of bandwidth in adjunct with Nokia’s other specifications.

By utilizing dual connectivity, operators are able to tap on both 4G and 5G that synergistically provides a better transfer rate than using any of the two technology independently.

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While seemingly a project with commerce in mind, it seems that the test application was conducted for military purposes. One which Nokia claimed was ran on the network of a certain unnamed “major US carrier.”

Consequently, the test only proved of 5G’s amazing technical capability, highlighting its potential benefit in mission-critical applications.

It is well worth pointing out the Samsung also recently laid claim to the record of having the fastest 5G connectivity by reaching a stunning rate of 8.5 Gb/s. Despite bearing the same setup as Nokia, though, the test that Samsung conducted is an indoor lab setup, which seriously raises a caveat in an actual OTA setting.  

Source: Nokia


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