Mobile network analytics firm OpenSignal released its “Benchmarking the 5G Experience” report in the Asia Pacific for March 2022.

In terms of 5G speeds, the Philippines ranked #8 with an average of 136.6Mbps, just slightly beating Hong Kong at 136.3 and way ahead of Indonesia who’s at 69.3Mbps.


South Korea still dominates with 438Mbps, followed by other first-world countries like Taiwan, New Zealand, and Australia. OpenSignal blames the limited availability of 5G in the markets at the bottom of the list.

While they have the fastest connection, South Korea only ranked #6 in terms of 5G video experience, which shows that internet speeds alone don’t result in a good viewing experience.



Still, they managed to top the games and voice app experience, while the Philippines consistently took the last spots on all categories.

Where the Philippines shine is in the Uplift. The graphs show that the 5G vs 4G download speed improvement is the highest in the country — which shouldn’t be surprising as most Filipinos know how terrible the previous connection was.


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Filipinos also felt the most improvement when streaming videos over 5G from 4G.

Still, for the majority of Filipinos to feel its benefits, telcos should continuously expand 5G. As you can see, OpenSignal only gave the Philippines a score of 11.1 in terms of 5G extent. Still, the analytics firm does recognize the difficulty of rolling out 5G in a country that consists of numerous islands.


As of writing, the 5G coverage for Smart and Globe is continuously growing, with third-telco DITO also expected to release theirs in the future.

Source: OpenSignal

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