At 182.50Mbps, the Philippines has reached 10th place among APEC countries, according to the Q3 2020 Ookla Speedtest Intelligence report.

The report also shows that the country outranks first-world countries such as Singapore and the United States, which have 92.65Mbps and 64.11Mbps median 5G download speeds respectively.

Not to be confused with average speed, median download speed is the speed at the 50th percentile of all 5G tests conducted using Ookla’s Speedtest tool.


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But in terms of another metric, Time Spent, or how long the average user spends on a particular cellular technology, the Philippines only has a 1.1-percent score for 5G.

In other words, the average Pinoy barely utilizes the tech and for the most part spends their time on older tech such as 4G.

Regardless, local telcos such as Globe are elated with the PH median 5G download speed, as it is proof of their continuing investments in network upgrades and better connectivity.

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