PLDT unveils the new and affordable Fibr Plan 1699 for those who doesn’t need too much speed.

PLDT has been rolling out Fiber coverage throughout the country at an aggressive rate and it has now reached over 2.5 million homes in Q4 of 2016.

Last November, the company has also introduced the PLDT Fibr Plan 1899 with 20Mbps connection and no data capping.

The PLDT Fibr Plan 1699 is more affordable but also significantly weaker. For a price difference of only Php200, consumers sacrifice 15Mbps of speed by settling with 5Mbps. Another thing to consider is that it comes with a 36-month contract lock-in period, which means that subscribers won’t go anywhere for three (3) full years. In addition to that, consumers would need to pay a hefty fee of Php3,300 for the modem and installation services. Those who doesn’t want to pay the one-time fee can charge it to the monthly bill for an additional Php109 per month.

A 50Mbps offer is also available at Fibr Plan 1899, but with only 80GB of monthly volume allowance. The good thing about this new offer is that it has no limit, so it’s literally unlimited internet. But no matter how you look at it, this one’s not a good deal.

Interestingly, PLDT DSL also offers 5Mbps connection for just Php999 per month. However, it’s widely known that Fiber is better than this traditional Internet setup, so it’s not really a fair direct comparison.

The Plan 1899 is by far a better deal, so if you’re thinking of upgrading or subscribing to Fiber, make sure to ignore the PLDT Fibr Plan 1699 offering.

For those who are interested, visit the official website of PLDT Home here.

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