Improving the Internet access for Filipinos has been challenging for telecoms given the topography of the Philippines—a mostly mountainous country with thousands of islands. One solution being advocated in the Senate is a bill to develop satellite-based tech.

Filed earlier this month by Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, Senate Bill No. 2250 or otherwise known as “Satellite-Based Technologies for Internet Connectivity Act of 2021” seeks to promote inclusive, affordable access to satellite technology and encourage service providers to cover areas where deploying mobile and wired solutions would be more expensive.


As explained by Gatchalian in the bill, acknowledges the importance of speedy, accessible Internet connectivity. He also pointed out that while recent developments have certainly improved the quality of service to customers in metropolitan areas, many Filipinos remain deprived of reliable Internet connectivity.

The bill cites an Asia Foundation report that shows 45% of Filipinos and 74% of public schools nation remain without an Internet connection.

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  1. I don’t think they realize the actual costs and limitations of the tech. There’s a reason it isn’t in use. Costs, connection quality… Oh, and I just saw an article about the starlink dishes overheating in not-too-hot temperatures. They would seriously have a better time doing point to point wireless/laser to areas and then setting up a cell site. They just need a proper plan. The bill opens up the legality to offer services, but provides no incentive. The technologies exist and are in use by the existing telcos–I’ve seen point to point towers. They aren’t serving these areas because $$