The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has launched today a mobile app where Filipinos can register to vote.

Compatible with any smartphone, the Mobile Registration Form App allows an applicant to accomplish the registration form without the need to print it. The app also works offline.

Once the form is filled, a QR code is generated that the user can show at the nearest COMELEC office for scanning. At the office, the user will also need to bring a valid ID and have his biometrics taken.

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Due to the mobility restrictions necessitated by the pandemic, the COMELEC developed the app to save voters the effort of manually filling out application forms at the commission’s registration centers and offices.

More than 500 cities nationwide currently support the app-based registration.

The app is now available for download as an APK file. There’s no further need for online access once it’s downloaded, so it can be even shared via file-sharing apps.

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