SKY Fiber is holding its holiday giveaway for new subscribers of its SKY Fiber Plan 75Mbps for Php2,499/month.

During its holiday giveaway, you can subscribe to SKY Fiber 75Mbps plan and get two pieces of TP-Link WiFi Mesh Deco 5 for free. This freebie has a total value of Php10,000.


Having a mesh network will allow you to take full advantage of the extreme speed that the plan has. Position each access points in dead spots in your home so you can get ultra-fast speeds wherever inside.

To avail of the promo, you should subscribe to the Plan 75Mbps through the website. Or, you can buy a SKY priority pass from SKY Zone Lazada from November 10 to December 10, 2020. Those who applied online or have the Priority Pass are the only ones eligible for the promo.

The installation fee is Php999 for non-FTTH areas and Php2,500 for FTTH buildings. Just like most telco plans, it comes with a 24-month lock-in period, with a pre-termination fee of php2,000.

If you don’t care much about the freebie, you can check other SKY Fiber plans. The plans ranges from 10Mbps for Php99/mo up to 150Mbps for Php3,

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