It looks like Smart Communications is really taking advantage of their improved LTE coverage. Just recently, the Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi was announced to cater the Philippine households. Now, they are back again with the new Smart LTE Prime.

The new promo will be available in two variants: the LTE Prime 50 and LTE Prime 100. The former will give you 1.5GB worth of open access data, valid for one day. On the other hand, the LTE Prime 100 will have a whopping 3GB of data allocation, also valid for a day.

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But on the downside, it’s still unclear if it will feature free access to Facebook, probably the most used app on every Filipino-owned smartphone. Also, there’s no word whether or not it will have a separate consumable data for YouTube, iFlix, and other video streaming apps.

1.5GB and 3GB worth of data are already large so consuming it within a day isn’t going to be easy. But if you’re the kind who always play games, stream videos and music, then this new promo is perfect for you.

To subscribe, just key in LTE50 or LTE100 and send it to 9999.

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