Smart Communications Inc. will no longer allow postpaid subscribers to use time-based mobile data beginning November 28.

Currently, using Smart’s mobile data service without a promo subscription defaults to a Php5 per 15 minutes rate. However, that’s about to change starting next week.

New and old Smart postpaid subscribers will be left with no choice but to embrace the new Php2.00 per 1MB rate once their data inclusion gets depleted. With this change, we highly advise those who have postpaid accounts to subscribe to a new data promo as soon as their data allowance has been fully consumed.

On the other hand, subscribers who don’t use much data can opt to switch to the new default rate of Php2.00/MB by texting DATA ON and sending it to 9999.

Smart will be notifying the user via SMS once the incurred data charge reaches Php500, Php1,000, and Php2,000. If we’re going to translate these amounts to mobile data, we’re looking at 250MB, 500MB, and 1GB. This means that leaving the mobile data on in a short period of time could potentially cost subscribers a lot of money.

Smart subscribers should now be aware of how much data they have remaining or else they risk getting charged for the number of MBs they consume. Postpaid users can easily check this on the MySmart mobile app.

For subscribers who use too much data, they would be glad to know that there’s a Php2,5000 cap, which means that it’s technically unlimited data after passing the mark. However, the connection will be throttled down to 128kbps until the next billing cycle when the data speed will be refreshed back to normal.

Remember, the key takeaway here is to never leave your mobile data on without a data add-on or promo if you don’t want excessive data charges.

Source: Smart | Via: YugaTech

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