Samsung has released an update to its smartwatches which can possibly extend its battery life to over a month.

The new Tizen 3.0 and value pack update brings a range of new features to Samsung’s wearables. One of them is the “watch only mode” which basically turns the smartwatch into a regular watch by removing all of its “smart” other capabilities. It actually works like an even better version of the “Ultra Power Saving Mode”.

However, there’s a caveat on this new feature. Instead of displaying the clock all the time like any other regular wrist watch, the Gear S3 and Gear Sport requires the user to press the power button to display the time. In fact, even if the “watch always-on” option is enabled, the watches will still default to the press to see the time scenario.

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Samsung Gear S3 - Philippines

Samsung will probably fix this troublesome implementation later on, unless it’s hard to do when every other feature has been turned off.

The new “Watch Only Mode” can be turned on by going to Settings -> Battery Management -> Watch only option — it will then reboot to go into the new mode. The user can bring it back to being a smartwatch by holding the power button for three seconds.

But truth be told, no one’s every going to reach the 40 days battery life. It’s a smartwatch, after all. Why would anyone use a smartwatch as a normal watch, anyway?

Source: SamMobile

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