If you find USB sticks, cables, or other peripherals lying around, better leave them behind. Avoid plugging them into your computer at all costs, because there’s a chance these seemingly lost items are riddled with malware.

As proof of concept, a security researcher created the “OMG Cable” that looks identical to Apple’s official Lighting to USB cable. It functions like the real deal as it can be used to connect iPhones and iPads to computers, chargers, and other devices.

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But this cable can also create a Wi-Fi hotspot to which a cybercriminal can connect. The OMG cable can do this because it has a chip inside, and it’s hard to detect and discover unless you dissect the cable.

Once the bad actor is connected to the hotspot, he can launch a web app and start recording keystrokes. He doesn’t even have to be near the potential victim, as the cable’s hotspot has a range of over 1 mile.

Source: VICE

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