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Just recently, various parts of Japan were distraught by heavy rains which led to homes destroyed, rivers overflowed, landslides, crushed buildings, and cars swept away.

In line with this, Apple has offered free repair services to whose Apple devices were damaged by the flooding. Not only repair service is free but pick-up and delivery fees will also be waived.

Repairable Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, and other Apple products (excluding accessories) will be personally picked-up from the flood victims’ home and then delivered back to them once the devices are ready to be returned to their owners.

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iPhone X (2017)

As stated in their official announcement, Apple will implement the program until September and will be open for ‘ordinary consumers living in municipalities who were affected by disasters.’

Apple also stated a disclaimer in which there could be delays in picking up and delivering devices back in some areas affected by the floods. Meanwhile, in other areas pick-up and delivery services have been suspended.

As of now, online acceptance is unavailable. In lieu of this, concerned consumers should contact Apple Support at 0120-27753-5.

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