Think before you click that message.

Another nefarious iMessage is said to infect or bog down the iPhone and completely crash the messaging app upon clicking it.

Unlike previous iMessage issues, this one doesn’t use weird characters and malicious links. Instead, one can simply crash another’s iPhone by sending a very huge contact file. When the victim clicks the large contact file, the sheer size overloads the CPU and memory which results to the crash.

Even though iPhones are known to be secure, this iMessage ‘hack’ doesn’t exempt those who are on the latest version of iOS 10. Both iPhone and iPad users who are on iOS 8 up to iOS 10 are vulnerable to the said attack.

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Here’s a demo video of the iMessage hack:

While most issues are fixed by rebooting, it’s not the case here. A reboot won’t bring back the messaging app to its original state. To fix it, you need to get help from the creator himself, Vincedes.¬†Fortunately, he didn’t take advantage of it and fully revealed what he discovered. He even made a solution for it.

Follow this link to restore iMessage and stop the freezing of the app. Apple will probably fix this in a future release but until then, be mindful of what you’re clicking.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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