Remember Epic Games suing Apple for its alleged antitrust violation? The creator of Cydia, the third-party app store users can use to get apps for jailbroken iDevices, has joined the fray and filed an antitrust lawsuit of its own against Apple.

Jay Freemon, the developer of Cydia, is suing Apple for its app market monopoly for iOS. By pre-installing the App Store on iOS, as well as using contractual and technological constraints to prevent third-party app stores, his lawsuit claims users are forced to use Apple’s distribution platform and app payment processing when they would have preferred other alternatives.

Apple, for its part, claims it does not hold monopoly control of markets where it competes.


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Fun fact: Cydia was released before the App Store was even a thing. And before Cydia, there was the Installer app store.

Steve Jobs initially didn’t have any plans to allow third-party software to run natively in iOS. Freeman saw an untapped market and created a digital distribution platform, one that has since been restricted and labeled unauthorized by the time Apple released its own official store.

Source: Arstechnica

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