Meet Realmeow, the emerging tech company’s mascot and “branch character”.

Realmeow also has the title of being the company’s Chief Trending Officer. As per Realme, its high-tech and trendsetting design personify the diversified personalities and trendsetting attitude of Gen Zs.


As the name suggests, the mascot’s character is inspired by cats. Like the brand, the company said that Realmeow is independent, agile, fearless, and ready for breakthroughs.

Realme’s brand mascot was co-designed by Mark Walsh, a world-renowned animator behind Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. Walsh helped Realme’s design studio as a creative consultant to create the mascot.



Other than its looks, Realme and Walsh also created a back story for the mascot. Realmeow appears to be an 18-year-old extraterrestrial, the ripe age where most people become very passionate with full of vigor and life.

As a Gen Z, the creature likes pizza and chicken, jamming and dancing, skating, and loves to dance to hip-hop. You would soon see Realmeow’s face on customized Realme smartphones and AIoT products.

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