Set in keeping the platform a more “friendly” environment for its users, Twitch is making a revamp to its harassment policy that will see words like “simp,” “incel,” and “virgin” banned.

Delivering the message to the public is Twitch COO, Sara Clemens, during a livestream.

Set to take into effect beginning January 22 next year, esports consultant Rod Breslau shared the information via a tweet after coming across the notion first-hand.

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To the unaware, “simp” or “simps” refer to male individuals who appear desperate for an opposite gender’s attention.

Aside from keeping Twitch users from using offensive words, the new policy will also see the enforcement of stricter rules around sexual harassment, and will give the platform itself more power in banning those users who chose otherwise to transgress.

Seemingly long overdue, the will-be changes in the policy come in response to an overwhelming number of cases of sexual harassment within the Twitch community, which has been overlooked for years.

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