Now that iOS 14 has found its way onto compatible devices, Apple users are now looking forward to the next major iOS release and what possible features it will bring. But there’s also dread for the features it will abandon. Rumors are emerging that for the upcoming iOS 15 next year, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE will not be supported.

This particular tidbit comes from The Verifier, whose accuracy in predictions is rather hit-and-miss. The Israeli site did accurately report that the iOS 14 would support the same phones as iOS 13 though, so they may be right on iOS 15 dropping support of the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

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It’s also worth noting that major iOS releases historically supported phones for up to five generations only. Released in September 2015, the iPhone 6s is already more than five years old. The original iPhone SE will be turning five as well by March.

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