A leaker, Twitter user @L0vetodream has made a tweet suggesting that the iPhone 12 Pro will come with a beefy 6GB of RAM, in contrast to the standard iPhone 12 which is rumored to have 4GB RAM.

With a proven track record for unveiling accurate information to the public, this is one leak that holds water in it. 

If indeed true, this would make the iPhone 12 Pro the first in the line-up to get that memory capacity. But not exactly the first considering that Apple’s iPad Pro lineup for 2020 also has the same.

iPhone 12 render by Jonas Daehnert

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While some may find the idea of too much RAM rather excessive for mobile devices, the added space in the memory department may play essential role in boosting multi-tasking performance and more. 

At the same time, the extra RAM could help in future-proofing the iPhone 12 Pro in years to come. 

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