Did you lose your iPhone Lightning cable? Did it finally break after years of use? Well, it’s time to get a new one and if you do, make sure you get a proper one.

While it’s so easy to purchase a below-Php100 (USD2.00) cable on online shopping platforms, it’s still best to purchase a quality iPhone charger. Other than the possible fire hazards that would break your precious and expensive phone, it could also cause harm to you and the people you care about.

Not only that, a previous report claims that some sketchy Lightning cables even contain keyloggers that can steal passwords and possibly other sensitive information.



So again, it’s best to invest in a good Lightning cable charger. After all, you’d be using it on a daily basis on a much more expensive device.

The thing is, with all the fake items available on both offline and online stores, it’s sometimes hard to spot which one is real. Thankfully, Apple has a guide on how to check if the Lightning cable you’re purchasing is counterfeit or uncertified. We’ll also add some of our tips, so read on.


Things to check before buying an iPhone Lightning cable charger

Tip 1: Check for the MFi badge on the packaging. The acronym stands for “MFi”, which is a tag that Apple puts on its own and third-party accessories as a certification that it’s safe to be used on an iPhone, and even for iPad and iPod devices.

Since its introduction, the MFi now has a new logo. However, some accessories may use the old badge, which should still be fine.

New MFi badge
Old MFi badge

Tip 2: For the Apple-branded Lightning to USB cable, check if the cable comes with a “Designed by Apple in California” print and with either “Assembled in China”, Vietnam, or “Indústria Brasileira” that’s about seven inches from the USB connector. Next to those words should be a 12-digit serial number.


Tip 3: For Apple-branded Lightning cables, check if the Lightning head has these characteristics:

iPhone Accessories: Lightning Contacts
The pins should be a single piece and smooth. The charger should also be rounded, smooth, and the contacts have gold or silver contacts.
iPhone Accessories: Lightning Boot
The main Lightning connector should only be 7.7mm in width and 12mm in length.
The faceplate insert should be gray/metallic

Tip 4: For the Apple-branded Lightning cable, you should check if the actual USB head has these characteristics:

The interlocks should be trapezoidal and equally spaced from the edge
The USB contacts should be gold-plated
The surface should be smooth, consistent, and flat
The insulator surface should be flat and uniform

Tip 5: This one is a personal recommendation and quite simple: check the price. A genuine Apple-branded Lightning cable retails for Php1,190. If you saw something much less than that, there’s a good chance that it’s a fake/clone.

Tip 6: Check the store you’re purchasing it from. If you want an Apple-branded cable, you may want to purchase directly from an Apple Store or via their official website.


In the Philippines, you can get authentic Apple accessories from known distributors like the Power Mac Center or Digital Walker.

Tip 7: It’s no secret that Apple’s own Lightning cables are fragile and get worn out very easily. This is why it’s also ideal to purchase from third-party but trusted brands.


Some reputable Apple accessory makers are Belkin and Anker, which produces braided cables that are way sturdier than Apple’s.

There are also lesser-known brands that you can spot on Lazada and Shopee. The only key here is, once you find the one you like, do a quick research on the web or check the customers’ feedback to see if they are indeed good and reliable.

I personally use a braided Lightning cable from a Chinese brand named uGreen. I had the cable for years, and it still looks and works like brand-new. The best part is, it only costs under Php600.


Do you have any other suggestions on how to check if an iPhone Lightning Cable is good or not? Let’s hear them out in the comments below.

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