In light of the event that sees Fortnite getting removed from the App Store due to legal issues, an opportunity arises which sees the gray market popping up with Apple devices with the game pre-installed, but at ridiculously high prices.

The value seems to draw from the fact that the mobile title still remains playable in the mobile platform. But is excluding those who still have not moving forward since the onset of the legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple (technically, including Google as well).


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Looking into eBay’s catalog, one could expect to see a used iPad 7 with Fortnite pre-installed selling for $900, which is a massive markup for a product that, in numerous times, was offered for $220 brand new.

Another example is an iPhone 11 Pro 256GB that has the game installed and sells for up to $5,000

But the worse pricing comes, perhaps, with the iPhone X whose seller is asking for a whopping $10,000, just for the buyer to play the game on that specific platform.

Whatever the case may be, we hope nobody touches those deals because they are simply unreasonable. You could get 10+ decent Android phones for those prices.

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