With Apple being secretive as ever, the public still has no clear idea what new features awaits them in iOS 7. But given the popular rumor that chief designer Jonathan Ive is pushing for a radical revamp of the operating system.

Some unique concepts have sprung up to show their own ideas on what Apple’s next OS release might look like.

The latest design mock-up comes from Simply Zesty, embedded below:

Watching the concept video for the first time immediately reminded me of the tile-based design implemented in Windows Phone OS. Even more interesting is the appearance of widgets — one of many missing iOS features that users sorely wish for — in the pull-down notification center. While useful, it seems to cramp the panel with too much information.

Rafael Justino has also released his own concept video. Similar to the one above, new features include improvement in the notifications, customizations, new apps, and more.

To give the operating system a major overhaul in appearance and user interface could be problematic with the current app ecosystem. After all, if a new design is to be employed, every app in the Apple App Store must also undergo facelifts to blend better with the platform. A big change can also pose issues to old-time users who have become quite accustomed to the current interface. They can only hope that the new stuff won’t be too overwhelming.

More concept videos might spring up, given that WWDC 2013 — the Apple event in June where everyone expects iOS 7 will be officially announced — is nearby. People are no doubt eager to know what iOS 7 could possibly offer — even if they’re just guesses and concepts.

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