As what the rumors claimed, YouTube is now officially rolling out its paid subscription program to a few select channels. We all expected this to come anyway so we’re not really that surprised. 

Announced on the Official YouTube blog, it’s tagged as a new way to support great content on the most famous video sharing site in the world. They have provided a way to monetize the videos of the popular channels since 2007, but apparently the publishers has been requesting for more flexibility in maximizing the revenue they can get from their hard work filled content.

To heed their top video creators’ requests, YouTube is finally launching the pilot program which is composed of small group of channels and their fees starts at $0.99 per month. They won’t let you make an uninformed decision though, as all of the said channels come with a 14-day free trial to let you get the hang of it. Just like any other subscription based program, discounts will be given for those who will pay in longer terms such as one year.

But the idea doesn’t sound really bad if we dig deeper. For example, UFC fans will now be able to watch classic fights through UFC’s channels and if you’re really an avid fan you can even watch the first event in a full episode. Now that’s something interesting, right?

Once you subscribe to a channel, you can now watch their videos on your PC, tablet, and smartphones but for now the subscription can only be done via a computer. Support for other devices will roll out eventually.

[two_fifth]”A new way to support great content on YouTube”[/two_fifth]

The YouTube paid subscription program will expand in the following weeks as they continue to give chance to the qualified YouTube partners. The roll out is in phases and it’s expected to be available throughout the world in the coming months. For now, our country is not yet supported so we’ll have to wait a bit more. For interested publishers, you may now apply so that they can evaluate you if you’re qualified.

What do you guys think about this move of YouTube? Do you think it’s time to let high-quality channels to get their much deserved subscription fee? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: YouTube]

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