Have you ever wondered why Apple is against installing apps on your iPhone from anywhere other than its official App Store? That is because doing so, also known as sideloading, would break the iPhone’s security and privacy model.

At least, that is the response of Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook during a podcast interview with Kara Swisher of The New York Times. The interview tackled topics mainly regarding privacy in iOS and how Apple is combating app developers, such as Facebook, whose practices are deemed invasive to the privacy of users.


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So, when the issue of sideloading was pointed out, Cook explained that someone must perform regulation or curation of the apps, because otherwise, users would lose trust and confidence in the store that provides these apps.

The Apple CEO went on to say there are 100,000 apps submitted to Apple’s app store on a weekly basis, and 40,000 of those end up rejected for various privacy and security violations.

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