A security researcher by the name of Alon Gal has claimed that as many as 533 million Facebook users have their personal data being leaked online for free, a claim that Insider corroborates as true.

In a report by Insider, it was stated that the victims of the leak include users from across 106 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and India where 32 million, 11 million, and 6 million records draw from, respectively.

Private information such as the users’ full names, bios, Facebook IDs, phone number, birthdates, and locations were laid bare as a result of the leak. Some, not all, even having their email addresses revealed as well.

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The number “533 million” should ring a bell to anyone who is up to speed with the tech news as it’s also the same dataset that individuals reportedly could pay for portions of employing a Telegram bot, as per Motherboard.

In its defense, Facebook told both Insider and Motherboard that the stolen data was gathered through scraping due to a vulnerability in the platform, but which Facebook has since fixed in 2019.

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