Taking its laptop-making business to the next level, Honor is debuting its first-ever gaming laptop as it announces the release of the Honor Hunter V700.

Designed to deliver both appeal and performance to the average laptop gamers, the Honor Hunter V700 features a sleek-looking design, made from aluminum, and for added aesthetic, an RGB backlit logo, and specifications that live up to the “gaming” label. 

With the focus set towards sustainable gaming, the laptop considerably follows a blueprint that gives emphasis to efficient thermoregulation as seen at the rear vent. It is slightly elevated to facilitate good airflow.


Wide enough to contain a complete set of keys, the Honor Hunter V700 is your standard affair when it comes to the keyboard.

To be made available in two variants, interested consumers can select between the lower-spec Intel Core i5-10300H or the Core Intel i7-10750H. GPU-wise, the product varies between one with a GTX 1660 Ti in it or one with an RTX 2060. As for the RAM, it comes with 16GB DDR4. Another difference comes with the SSD storage which is differentiated between 512GB and 1TB.

At 16.1-inches, the Honor Hunter V700 has an IPS LCD, capable of up to 144Hz of refresh rate, and runs natively on 1080p resolution.


Completing its build are areas for I/O that give the laptop access to certain peripherals.

Currently exclusive only to China with no word of releasing in the international market, the Honor Hunter V700 sells for a price of CNY 7,499 (~Php53,800) for the Core i5 version, 512GB storage, and GTX 1660 Ti, CNY 8,499 (~Php61,000) for Core i7 model with the RTX 2060 and 512GB SSD, while the 1TB SSD variant sells for CNY 9,999 (~Php71,700).

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