Christmas is over and I know most of you now have your pockets full (hopefully!). Don’t have an idea on which android phone to buy? Well, if you don’t mind the brand name, take a look at CloudFone android phones that are currently available for trade-in. Yes, you can swap your old phone for a new smartphone!

  • For a list of CloudFone android phones available, check out the photo below.


  • But before getting too excited, you first need to check if your current phone qualifies for the said promo. These are the accepted phones together with their prices.


And if you have any of the phones above, please read this note first.

NOTE: Traded-in handset must be in good working condition. This must not have major dents, scratches, or missing keys and it turns on/off. The LCD screen should not be cracked, the camera is working, and the handset should have intact battery pack and its charger. Phones that are disassembled and reassembled will not be accepted.

I personally don’t have any experience with CloudFone android phones yet but I’m very optimistic about them. They’ve managed to shell out a hit in the name of CloudFone Thrill 430x courtesy of its monstrous 4160mAh battery that promises an uptime of 3 days. Wow, that’s a long-lasting smartphone right there.

What do you guys think? Will you buy any of these Cloudfone androids? If you own one, please share us your thoughts about your device.

For complete details, go to this page.

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  1. I hope you can do a full review on this phone..I’m thinking of buying it eh..If you can also do a comparison to the cherry mobile or titan much better. I think your reviews are great on the other phones..Hope you can do a full review on the 430X which is what I wanted

  2. As long as it is under warranty, im sure the dealer would gladly replace the defective battery. Anyway, nice phone, I wish they included a Product Demo Video for all of their models.

  3. Bet you have a budget to buy an extra charger head for the 430X model, some buyers said they have a hard time replacing their defective charger.