October 10th is just around the corner. This meant another day of big sales with the likes of HONOR on that fateful day. But HONOR is making the event extra special through a little more extensive days of sale, stretching from 10.10 up to 10.14.

Starting October 10, people are entitled to massive discounts on some select HONOR products. HONOR Philippines Vice President Stephen Cheng said it best himself by saying that it is “high time to make your dream gadgets happen” during the “HONOR 10.10 sale” where “big, big discounts” await the shoppers.

But more than just about the lucky number, Cheng is promoting the sale to everyone especially to reward the HONOR fans because the company had a great run this year.

As such, beginning October 10, HONOR fans and will-be fans alike can anticipate buying select products at a discount, which is indeed a company’s way of saying thank you to consumers.


The following products can be expected to be at their lowest price yet throughout the promotion:

  • HONOR MagicBook X15: From Php36,990 to Php36,490
  • HONOR MagicBook X14: From Php34,990 to Php22,403
  • HONOR 70 5G: From From Php26,990 to Php18,990
  • HONOR X9: From Php14,990 to Php8,490
  • HONOR X8: From Php12,990 to Php6,490
  • HONOR X7: From Php9,990 to Php5,990
  • HONOR X6: From Php7,490 to Php5,490
  • HONOR X6a: From Php6,990 to Php6,490
  • HONOR X5 Plus: From Php5,990 to Php5,290
  • HONOR Pad X9: From Php11,990 to Php11,590
  • HONOR 90 5G: From Php24,990 to Php23,990
  • HONOR 90 Lite: From Php12,990 to Php12,490

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